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Irish influencer Lucy Fitz shares candid post about body image

The 19-year-old has encouraged her followers to embrace their flaws


Irish influencer Lucy Fitz has shared a candid post about body image.

The 19-year-old, who has over 71k followers, took to Instagram today to encourage young girls to change their mindset when it comes to gaining weight.

Posting ‘real photos’ of her body alongside pics of her ‘posing’, Lucy wrote: “Sitting down while wearing a bikini/crop top… we dread it don’t we?!”

“We’ll stand, we’ll lay flat as a pancake, but we will NOT sit!! Because that means our stomach folds over and we don’t want that.. It’s sad isn’t it? 😢”


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Lucy continued: “You go on a lovely holiday with loved ones, the sun is shining and life is good and all your worried about is the rolls or the stretch marks or the cellulite.. you feel like everyone around you is far smaller than you and they don’t have these elements on their body. It’s so disheartening.”

“But, newsflash! It’s all in your head, it’s not your body playing tricks on you it’s your mind. Your mind will literally convince you that all these things are bad and shameful..”

“And to feel this way you don’t have to be an X amount of weight, no – someone who is 8 stone and someone who is 18 stone can feel the EXACT SAME WAY. Because you know why?, it’s not your body telling you this, it’s your MIND.”

“So the next time you catch yourself grabbing your tummy while looking in the mirror remind yourself that it’s all in your head, it’s not your body telling you that you’ve ‘put on weight’ it’s your brain. Embrace your body,” Lucy wrote.

“Practice self love for 10 minutes a day, give yourself love and comfort. This might be watching a movie or using your favourite products, whatever makes you feel warm inside.”

“I’m pretty damn proud of my body because you know what it did? It got me through 19 years of this world.. isn’t that mad?”

“This body has carried me, comforted me, protected me AND GROWN FOR ME for 19 years. So I’m not going to be mean to it, I’m going to love it like it deserves ❤️,” she added.

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