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Interview: Roz Purcell won't return to the mean streets of America


Model Roz Purcell has insisted she won’t be moving back to America – and is staying in Ireland.

The Tipperary beauty spent six months in New York after she was signed by Donald Trump’s agency following Miss Universe.

But the 23-year-old – who is now dating Bressie – admits she was lonely in the US and won’t repeat that.

She told Goss.ie: “I was not into LA at all, it’s just not me. I only saw the expensive streets, going to big meetings and fancy restaurants.

“I don’t think you could feel at home or find a real friend there. It made me appreciate here and the community we have of people who want to help you. It’s not fake here.

“Whatever you’re into, but it wouldn’t be for me. I might do a job there, but I’d never move there full time.”


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Speaking at the launch of Taste of Dublin, Roz added that she plans to quit modelling at some point.

She said: “You do have to be conscious — if you turn down work it may not come back and there’s also such a short space of time that I can do modelling. Mum has always said, ‘Leave modelling before it leaves you’.”

But now Roz wants to do more TV – after previously competing on Celebrity Bainisteoir.

She added: “If I was to ever do reality TV, it would have to be something I’m passionate about, not just doing it for the sake of it. I’d do something related to cooking or sport. I wouldn’t have to be a different person.

“I really would love to do it full time, but I can’t with work yet. It’s hard for me to take a week off. You don’t want to let clients down that regularly book you.”