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Instagram star Shannen Joyce shares heartache as she shaves her head for the third time

Shannen Joyce has shared her heartache as she was forced to shave her head for the third time following another battle with cancer.

The brave mother-of-one took to her Instagram, which she uses to spread awareness about the disease, where she posted a video of family members shaving her head as she prepares to undergo chemotherapy.

“One of the hardest things I’ve had to do, shaving my head for a 3rd time,” she wrote, “This time Barry started it and my aunt came and finished it.”

“I won’t tell you how broken I feel, I wont tell you how pissed off I am, I wont tell you how bad my heart is aching in my chest.”

The song Rise Up by Andra Day played in the background of the emotional video, which the Cork native admitted gave her strength.

“What I will tell you is, this song resonates so much with me. I’ll rise up, I’ll rise like the day, I’ll rise up and I will rise unafraid.”

“I don’t know why I cant catch a break, I don’t know why cancer has targeted me for a 3rd time. I just want to be a young happy 25 year old mother living life with her family.”

“Today is a down day, its a bad day. But tomorrow will be better, and I’ll rise,” she shared.

Irish influencers shared their love and support with Shannen, with Roz Purcell writing: “Puts everything into perspective- true fighter ???????????????????????? you’ll get through this❤️.”

Lisa Jordan commented: “Sending you all my love Shannen ????????????????”

Shannen announced the devastating news to her followers last month that she had relapsed for the third time in 6 years.

“Guys, I have a little bit of news,” she wrote, “Unfortunately, I have relapsed and my cancer is back for the 3rd time.”

“I have been taking a social media break and wasn’t even sure would I come back but I feel like my last journey helped so many people and so many of you have helped me,” she continued.

“I want to take you all on another journey with me. I don’t know a lot as of right now only I have Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for the 3rd time in 6 years.”

“I have a PET scan tomorrow and will have a bone marrow biopsy on Friday morn to make sure it hasn’t spread to bone marrow,” she explained.

“S*** things happen in this world and cancer won’t define me. What will define me is how I embark on this journey and take the good with the bad. So guys, light the candles. Love you all lots. Here we go again!”


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