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Imelda May shares her heartache as she cannot visit sick mother in hospital: ‘It’s absolutely torturous’

The singer reunited with her 93-year-old mother Madge for the first time in a year at Christmas


Imelda May has shared her heartache as she cannot visit her sick mother Madge in hospital.

The Irish singer reunited with her 93-year-old mother last month, after spending a year apart due to the virus.

The Dublin native, who lives in London, spoke with Ryan Tubridy on his RTÉ Radio One show this morning, where she became emotional as she discussed her mother’s health.

“Mam’s not good at all. I might burst into tears. Mam’s had a stroke and is in hospital,” she revealed.

“It’s really tough because we can’t visit her, we can’t see her and it’s just absolutely torturous to be honest.

“So we’re trying to get her home as quick as we can,” Imelda explained.

“I’m very lucky to have had her and my dad in my life. I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing if it wasn’t for them and all their support and encouragement.

“Mam started up the Liberties Music and Drama group for the local kids to express themselves. They’re amazing people.”


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Madge suffers from dementia, with Imelda admitting she sometimes does not recognise her.

“A couple of times on the phone [she didn’t recognise me], it’s was heartbreaking. But she mostly does.

“When I got home for Christmas she said, ‘Ah, there you are Imelda. Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you everywhere.’

“She just kept saying, ‘That’s better, that’s better.’ I was delighted,” Imelda said.


“We’re trying to get her speech back after the stroke. I rang her, and the nurses are really kind and handed the phone to mam and I heard her saying my name and I nearly fell apart.

“I was singing down the phone to her. She couldn’t sing back which she normally does, but I kept saying would you like another one, and she’d say, ‘Yeah’.

“I sang [Somewhere Over The Rainbow] down the phone and it was lovely, so we’re hopeful to get her home soon because my dad is missing her like mad. They’re madly in love.”