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Imelda May reveals Sinead O’Connor picked up on her struggles before anyone else


Imelda May appeared on The Late Late Show last night, where she opened up about her new music, her changed up look and the fall out of her marriage to Darrel Higham.

The singer is currently promoting her new album Life. Love. Flesh.Blood, which she penned in it’s entirety – and the songs detail some of her struggles over the years.

Speaking to Ryan Tubridy, the Dublin native revealed that while filming The Imelda May Show, everything seemed great on the outside, but in reality she was falling apart – and it was fellow Irish singer Sinead O’Connor who picked up on it before anyone else.

“I’d not met her before and I was doing the Imelda May Show [at the time], it was all going well and everybody was happy and I was smiling away,” she said.

“[But] things weren’t going so great, you know, at that time – and sometimes that’s when you put your bigger smile on, everybody does that you know.

“I went to go say hello to her and I said ‘how are you doing?’ and she said ‘fine’. And she said ‘how are you?’ and I said ‘oh, fine, fine’ and she said, ‘no, your not. How are you?’ and I just went and [started crying],” she revealed.

“It’s like she sensed something, and I’d never met her before. She’s a very sensitive soul, and she seems to be in touch with emotions, and she seemed to pick up on something that nobody else did.”

The pair then went on to perform together on the show, having not rehearsed the song at all, but Imelda admitted that it was one of the most emotional performances she has ever experienced.

“I’ll never forget that, she knew what no one else did and we had this little connection on that. I can’t tell you how kind she was, I was very taken aback,” she added.

Watch Imelda open up about dealing with her split from Darrel Higham in the public eye, and changing up her look: