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Imelda May admits she got her ‘heart broken’ by new man


Imelda May has revealed she recently had her “heart broken” by a man she was seeing after she split from her husband.

The singer ended her marriage to musician Darrel Higham last year, after 18 years together. And although her new album Life Love Flesh Blood seemed to mainly be about that break up, Imelda has revealed her heart was broken by another man.

“People just presume that [it’s a break-up album] because I broke up with my husband. But I met someone, so it’s about falling in love after a big split, being scared and feeling lust again,” she told the Mail Online.

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“And then I got my heart broken by that person and so I wrote about that, too.

“I had a moment – I’m not going to tell you exactly what, because it hurt too much – but it was a major goodbye,” she explained.

Imelda and Darrel have a 4 year old daughter, Violet, together and said they continue to be great friends.