Hozier surprises young busker on Grafton Street – as they perform rendition of his hit song

The musician was shocked to see Hozier standing in front of him


Hozier surprised a young busker on Grafton Street on Monday, as they sang a rendition of his hit song ‘Take Me to Church’.

In a video posted on Facebook, Martin McDonnell can be seen performing the song outside Brown Thomas, when Hozier stopped to throw money into his guitar case.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, the 19-year-old said: “I noticed his coat as he walked by because it was so cool.”

“He walked passed then came back and put the tip in and gave me a thumbs up and said ‘That’s good man.’ Then I copped it was him!”


He continued: “Couldn’t believe it was him! It’s my favourite song to sing and to have the man himself hear it and get his seal of approval was amazing.”

“I shouted that was Hozier… and he turned and gave a thumbs up. I was on a high all day. Will be framing that note!”