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Hozier calls for Irish people to stop ‘bashing’ U2 frontman Bono

The singer has acknowledged Bono's charitable achievements

Photo credit: Al Butler

Hozier has called for Irish people to stop “bashing” Bono.

The singer recently interviewed the U2 frontman on his podcast ‘Cry Power’, which he started in collaboration with charity group Global Citizen.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, Hozier said: “I had met Bono a few times and I had spoken to him before but he is a fantastically charismatic man.”

“He is one of the busiest people I have ever met. For every day anybody lives, he kind of lives two. He is constantly bouncing around the world living two lives, he is kind of a Batman in that regard.”

“In short yeah, we need to quit the Bono Bashing, I don’t want to go too far into it,” the Wicklow native said.

“If people, with regards the One and the Red campaign, were aware of the results of those successes, they might feel differently.”

“Those campaigns have saved so many lives and the results are staggering and life changing.”

“That was something I was not aware of and I think if more people were confronted with information like that it would temper some of the ill feeling,” he continued.

“Look we are Irish and it is the ‘sow that eats the farrow’ as James Joyce would say.”

“Jokes aside, the work he has done and his time is so precious so it was a real honour.”