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How the IFTAs should have been done: VIP Style Awards ban hangers on

The VIP Style Awards boss has banned hangers on – and has vowed it won’t be a disaster like the IFTAs.

Organiser Michael O’Doherty will be joined by stars including Amy Huberman, Glenda Gilson and Rosanna Davison on April 25, with the awards shown on TV3.

But MOD has insisted it won’t be an utter shambles like the IFTAs, with the show actually watchable and guests not having to pay to attend.

He said: “We won’t have the hangers-on you get at the IFTAs. And we certainly won’t charge non-nominees €300 to get in because Peter Mark, our sponsors, pay for everything, and that allows us to pick and choose who we invite.”


Shambles: The IFTAs were dubbed worst awards show ever

And Michael told the Irish Sun that by delaying the televising of the awards for two days they can make sure the sound is perfect.

He added: “For some reason the IFTAs are hung up on their event going out live which means it’s impossible to edit out the bad bits.

“The truth is nobody cares who wins an IFTA, they just want to see them on TV and hear the speeches. That’s why we wait two days and show it to them properly.”


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