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Holly Carpenter hits back at Ruth O’Neill Xpose comments: ‘I’m not sure what she expected’

Top model Holly Carpenter has hit back at Ruth O’Neill’s recent comments about Xpose.

The presenter quit the TV3 flagship showbiz show last month, and claimed last week in an interview that the “pay isn’t equal to the work”, giving out about working long hours and traveling – all while having to do her own hair and makeup.

However most in the industry would agree that this is the norm for most TV presenters, and now former Miss Ireland Holly has said she doesn’t know what Ruth expected.

Negative: Ruth gave out about her time on Xpose | Andres Poveda

“I think it’s common knowledge that TV3 doesn’t have the biggest budget and presenters are given a hefty workload, so I’m not sure what Ruth expected,” Holly explained.

“I found similar things frustrating when I started modelling. In many cases I was expected to arrive at shoots with my hair and make-up done and even provide the shoes and clothes.

“It was annoying at times when I felt like I was spending a good wedge of the fee even before the agency took their percentage,” she wrote in The Herald.

Hard: Holly said everyone knows this is what the industry is like | Anthony Woods

“However, I understood that’s the nature of the job when you’re starting out. I was grateful to be doing a job that a lot of girls would love have.”

Ruth had complained that she had “no support” on the “glam side” of the job.

“It’s evenings, early mornings, flights, editing and voice-overs, but on top of that you are doing your own hair and make-up and clothes. So, when it comes to the ‘glam’ side, there isn’t really any support,” she said.

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