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Hero Damien Dempsey insists he WOULD have saved Jedward too when they were stranded at sea

Musician Damien Dempsey has insisted that he would saved Eurovision twins Jedward when they had serious incident

The Lucan twins had to be rescued by the Coast Guard in July when they became stranded at a Dublin beach.

And when asked by if he would have pulled Jedward to safety, the star laughed: “Of course I would have saved them – ah yeah.”


Damien Dempsey Irish Water Safety Award

Hero: Damien saved the life of a teenager | VIPIRELAND.COM

Damien, 39, had already been deemed a hero after saving the life of a teenager at River Slaney in Co Wexford.

But Damien said he doesn’t feel like a real hero.

“There’s people around the country doing it every day, saving lives every day that’s what they do so they’re the heroes – I just done it once,” he told

“No I didn’t (feel like a hero), I just got out and got my boots and got out of there because I had a soundcheck to do.”

The Meteor Choice Music Prize Awards 2013Talented: Damien saved the teens life before he was due on stage | VIPIRELAND.COM

“I had to go to Dunnes Stores to buy some new clothes because my clothes were destroyed in the river and my phone and all was wrecked.”

The Rainy Night In Soho singer also believes that a “premonition” prepared him to save the teens life.

“I had a dream that I would save somebody from water and two days later it happened – I’m a bit spiritual so it’s after making me even more spiritual,” he said.

Damien Dempsey Irish Water Safety Award

Honoured: Damien was awarded for his bravery today | VIPIRELAND.COM

“I just saw myself pulling someone from water so when it happened I was kind of ready.”

Damien made the comments while accepting an award at the Irish Safety Awards in Dublin Castle.


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