Health Minister Simon Harris praises ‘incredible’ Ryan Tubridy amid COVID-19 pandemic

The broadcaster hosted another informative episode of The Late Late Show on Friday night


Health Minister Simon Harris has praised Ryan Tubridy for being so “incredible” during Ireland’s current health crisis.

Last night, the RTÉ star hosted another informative episode of The Late Late Show, and showed what it is like to get tested for COVID-19 to help ease people’s anxiety.

Taking to Twitter on Friday night, Simon tweeted: “Ryan Tubridy has been just incredible throughout this public health crisis.”

“Yet again, he is tonight so eloquently capturing our individual & national anxiety at this time whilst also reminding us that we will prevail, we will get there and we will stick together.”

Opening the show last night, Ryan said: “Tonight, our children are without schools and colleges, our sports stadiums lie empty and our concert halls are silent.”

“Tens of thousands of you have lost your jobs and many more are living in terror of becoming unemployed in the coming weeks as our economy becomes under increasing strain.”

“There is a still truth that will remain sure and will remain steadfast through all of this — your sacrifice through self-isolation will save lives,” he continued.

“Your self-discipline through self-isolation will rescue this country from the worst chaos. We surrender to self-isolation together and we will share the emotional burden forever.”

“You will find new purpose over the coming days and weeks — You will survive. It’s normal to feel scared. It’s normal to feel lonely. But you are not alone.”

During last night’s episode, the National Ambulance service appeared on the show to explain what happens when you are tested for the coronavirus.

To demonstrate what really happens during the test, Ryan had his throat and nose swabbed, and reassured viewers that it was “quick, easy and doesn’t hurt.”

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