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The Happy Pear issue apology after facing backlash on Instagram

The popular chefs were branded as "irresponsible"


The Happy Pear duo were forced to issue an apology, after their Instagram post sparked controversy.

David and Stephen Flynn faced criticism after posting a picture of themselves going swimming, right before Storm Ophelia hit Dublin.

The foodies regularly go for an early morning swim in the sea – but fans slammed the twins for promoting it despite the fact that there was a storm approaching.

The post, which has since been deleted, read, “The calm before the storm this morning, there was even some blue sky and the sea was like a pool… inspite of the weather warning it was one of the calmest morning in a while so there was no risk at all in having a swim!”

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People were quick to criticise the “irresponsible” post, saying that it “lacked respect for emergency services”.

After the post was deleted, the duo issued an apology to TheJournal.ie, saying, “We’re sorry if we offended anyone with our swim this morning. We swim in the sea at The Cove in Greystones almost every day and in the early hours this morning the sky was blue, the sea was really calm – there was no wind or storm brewing in Greystones at this early hour – so we got in for our daily brief swim.”

“We have the greatest respect for the emergency services, our experienced fellow swimmers, and our families, and none of us would have got into the water if there was a risk at this time and if it wasn’t so calm.

“We fully appreciate that it’s a very different picture now so please stay safe, keep away from the water, and mind yourselves,” they added.