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Greg O’Shea reveals his ex-girlfriend asked him out: ‘I was so taken aback’

Greg O’Shea has revealed his ex-girlfriend asked him out.

The Love Island star recently split from British influencer Kate Hutchins after two years of dating.

Speaking on Inside Scoop, the Limerick native said: “I find it very attractive when a girl asks me out. So my last girlfriend actually asked me out, to be her boyfriend.”

“I was so taken aback by it, and we ended up being together for I don’t know how long, because I was just so impressed by it,” the rugby star added.

“For me, I’m just really impressed by a girl that just puts herself out there and knows what she wants and just asks straight up. It shows a lot of confidence in herself.”

Greg recently admitted he regretted buying his ex-girlfriend “expensive gifts”, telling The Irish Times: “I don’t buy myself anything fancy or expensive. I always buy my girlfriends really expensive stuff, stupidly, but I never spend on myself.”

“I bought a lot of expensive gifts for my ex-girlfriend. I bought her a lot of designer stuff and took us away on trips. It was more to make her happy, and it was a bad idea in hindsight.”

“I went to Dubai and stayed in a five-star resort that cost me a small fortune. I went to Paris and stayed in a five-star hotel and did dinner on the River Seine and all that kind of stuff. I went to Mykonos and did a five-star resort there as well.”

“If I go on a date with girls they always expect me to pay, and I will initially because I asked them on the date, but it gets to a stage where it’s like, right, it’s the 21st century, you’re making more money than me,” the 26-year-old added.

Greg recently split from Kate Hutchins

Speaking to the Daily Mirror about why he kept his romance with Kate private, Greg said: “The reason why I didn’t go public with my last girlfriend was because I was never 100% sure.”

“With things like that, you kind of want to be 100% sure privately in the relationship, behind closed doors and when you’re both alone before you let millions of people in,” he explained.

“I think you have to be so sure about this person. And so does your family and you friends.”

“You should be ridiculously madly in love with one another and spend so much time together and then you can solidify the relationship and feel secure enough to let millions of people on social media it on it.”

“It never got to that stage to be honest,” Greg confessed. “I was mad about her, she was one of the loveliest people I have ever met in my life but we are both in just completely different parts of our lives right now.”

“Whereas she just wants to focus on work, I’m much more of a lad who wants to have fun and travel and live a life that’s more than just work.”

“So unfortunately, we kind of just had to walk away from one another. I am heartbroken over it but I would have been miserable as well trying to force something that wasn’t right.”


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