Greg O’Shea reveals he and his family received death threats following his split from Amber Gill

"It was a bit rattling..."

ITV | Love Island 2019 winners Greg O'Shea and Amber Gill

Greg O’Shea has revealed that he and his family received death threats following his split from Amber Gill.

The 24-year-old split from the Geordie beauty just five weeks after they won Love Island, and people were not happy with him at the time.

Speaking to, Greg said: “I’ve had people tell me they love me and the whole lot, but I’ve also had people tell me really bad stuff – like death threats and that.”

“It all really just started when me and Amber decided not to continue on our relationship. I can understand why people would be kind of p***ed off that I haven’t tried to follow that Love Island islander lifestyle, but it just wasn’t right for me.”


“We had seen each other once in a five or six-week period. If you’re going to have a happy relationship, you’re going to want to see the other person a lot,” he continued. “It’s more so British people were really p***ed off we didn’t try make it last longer.”

“It was a bit rattling reading some of the stuff. It’s so creative some of the stuff people come up with, I was like: ‘How does this person even comprehend this sort of stuff?'”

Although Greg was able to deal with the online abuse, the Limerick native found it difficult when trolls started messaging his mother, Carol, and his sisters, Laura and Jessie.

“The big thing was just when they got on to my mother and my sisters. That was a step too far for me, it got me emotionally,” Greg said.

Greg and his mum Carol | Instagram

“Things being said to me I could shrug it off – I’m used to locker room banter with the lads, so I have a hardened shell in that sense.”

“I nearly had to comfort them in some ways, because they were upset reading certain stuff. When the death threats slipped out to my mom’s DM’s and my sister’s DM’s and I had to say, ‘Mom, it’s okay, it’s just these trolls from the a**e end of nowhere.'”

Greg also responded to the controversy surrounding his role on RTÉ 2fm’s breakfast show.

The rugby 7’s player filled in for Eoghan McDermott for nine weeks while he was working on Love Island Australia, and people weren’t happy that Greg landed the role due to his lack of experience.


Responding to critics, Greg said: “I can see why people would be upset. But the thing with RTE is that it was the Love Island swap, so Eoghan McDermott went to Love Island Australia and I came from the UK Love Island.”

“It was very hard to go into it. My name was attached to RTE and I was providing a service to the Irish people. I can see why people would be p***ed off, but that was the swing of things and I was just lucky to be involved.”


Now, Greg hopes to land more presenting gigs in Ireland.

“I just really enjoyed my nine weeks in there. It went so quickly. and Eoghan’s back now but I hope I get another gig with them in the future because they really took care of me,” he said.

“I’m not exactly sure where I could fit or what my niche market it is. Obviously I’ve sport, law and now Love Island – it’s a weird concoction.

“I could see myself doing something like Ireland’s Fittest Family maybe. Obviously, it’s quite Irish and very local, but I could see myself doing that.

“Even if I’m in the mix for I’m A Celebrity…. I could see myself doing it. James Haskell is on it – he’s an ex-rugby player and he did it at the end of his career,” he added.