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Gráinne Seoige says being labelled an ‘ice queen wounded her terribly’

She admitted it was just another way of calling her a 'b****'

Grainne Seoige | Robbie Reynolds

Grainne Seoige has revealed that being referred to as an “ice queen” really hurt her feelings over the years.

The TV presenter said she felt the constant backlash during her time on RTE was unwarranted.

Grainne, 45, opened up about her tough time in the spotlight on an upcoming episode of Living With Lucy, with Lucy Kennedy spending a weekend in her home in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“It was an article that was written about ten years ago but it seemed to gain traction andI don’t really know why, ” Gráinne said of the name tag.

Gráinne on Living with Lucy

“I just got to a stage where I started drawing a cloak around myself and protecting myself from it because at the time it did really hurt.

“Because I didn’t recognise myself reading it at all. To be fair I don’t think that is what people think about me, it think it’s what’s written about me.

“But I do think it’s an interesting thing how it’s so easy to vilify women in the media. To tag and to pigeon hole…

“It did upset me at the time because ice queen is a way of saying bitch, that is what it is. That wounded me terribly at the time.

“It gets to the stage where you have to say ‘I don’t care what they say, I have love in my life, I’m happy’.”

Viewers will get a glimpse of her new life with former rugby star partner Leon Jordan, where they run their company Grace Diamonds together.

During the episode she opens up about how moving to be with Leon was a  “no brainer”.

” Now when I talk about going home, it’s here. My man is here, my dogs are here, my bed is here.

“It’s the other side of the world and culturally it’s very different but it was a no brainer actually

Living with Lucy will return to Virgin Media One on Monday at 9:00pm.