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Grainne Gallanagh admits she feels ‘anxious’ about returning to normal life

The model returned to work as a nurse at the start of lockdown


Grainne Gallanagh has admitted she feels “anxious” about returning to normal life amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 26-year-old, who re-registered as a nurse back in March to help those on the frontline, said she’s worried about going back to “real life.”

Speaking on her Instagram Story, the model asked her followers: “Is anyone else feeling a little bit anxious about going back to normal life, real life?”

“I don’t know I just feel like lockdown was nearly an excuse to relax, to not put any pressure on myself to do anything or be anywhere.”

“And I’m just a bit nervous about going back to reality I suppose.”

In a separate post on Instagram, the former Miss Universe Ireland wrote: “After weeks and weeks of ‘I can’t wait until this is over and things to go back to normal’ .. is anyone else now feeling a bit anxious about leaving lockdown and going back to ‘real life’?”

“Reminding myself today that worrying about my worries is often the worst part. #lockdownlife,” she added.

Fans flooded the comment section to show their support for Grainne, and numerous followers expressed that they felt the same way.

“I am, when lockdown began I was wary. I adapted fine to the changes and now I am feeling a bit uneasy about going back to normal,” one follower commented.

Another wrote: “100% freaking out about going out and doing stuff but also absolutely loving being out there (cautiously obvs) too.”

The news comes after Grainne recently opened up about how her parents were a “bit worried” when she returned to work as a nurse earlier this year.


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