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‘It got very catty between them!’ Kathryn Thomas reveals rows on The Voice


She hosted The Voice of Ireland for five years but Kathryn Thomas seems almost relieved it has been axed.

The TV presenter has admitted that one series was particularly stressful as mentors Dolores O’Riordan and Jamelia clashed frequently and it was left up to her to diffuse the tension.

Speaking to the Irish Sun on Sunday, Kathryn said: “On more than one occasion I had to go in and defuse the situation. Jamelia was feisty and fiery, and didn’t take any crap off anyone.”


Clash: Kathryn Thomas has revealed that Jamelia and Dolores O’Riordan did not get on when they appeared on The Voice | RTE

Kathryn went on to added: “You never had a clue what was going to come out of Dolores’s mouth on a live show.

“Jamelia simply didn’t get Dolores. It got very catty between them and there was a lot of pressure during long days in the studio.”

The Voice is being replaced by an Irish version of Strictly Come Dancing but Kathryn says shows getting axed is just the nature of the business.

She said: “I knew this decision was coming from RTE and I’ve been busy with my own TV formats. From my own perspective, whether it’s No Frontiers, or Winning Streak, or The Voice, everything comes to an end.

“From RTE’s side, they have to try new things. I’m a freelancer, this is the gig and this is what happens.”