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Glenda Gilson opens up about her marriage to Rob McNaughton: ‘sometimes we nip at each other’

The TV presenter admitted that the pair have been living "on top of each other" the last few months

Glenda and husband Rob at The Gossies 2020 | Brian McEvoy

Glenda Gilson has opened up about her marriage to Rob McNaughton – admitting that sometimes the pair can “nip” at each other.

The couple have been spending more time together than ever before, due to the current coronavirus pandemic, but Glenda admitted they have been able to handle it well.

“Some days Rob could never see me again and I could never see him,” she told RSVP Live.

Glenda, husband Rob, and their son Bobby | INSTAGRAM

“We have been on top of each other the last couple of months and I love hanging out with each other and we are the type to fight and get over it.

“We kind of nip at each other and then get over it,” she explained.

The Ireland AM presenter added that Rob even took over nappy duty, when Glenda got pregnant for a second time.

Glenda is the Showbiz Reporter for Ireland AM | INSTAGRAM

“We pretty much share everything and there is nothing that I do that Rob doesn’t do,” she told the publication.

“Smells really got to me during the early days of this pregnancy and when Bobby had a bad nappy, Rob really took on that role.”

“I was very happy for him to do that, as you can imagine. Thankfully Rob is up for sharing every role with me.”

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