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Glenda Gilson loving the 'marital bliss' after becoming Mrs Mac – but wedding hasn't changed life massively

TV star Glenda Gilson has admitted getting married hasn’t changed her life “dramatically” – but is loving “martial bliss”.

The TV3 star wed long-term boyfriend Rob McNaughton in August, and laughs: “I am indeed Mrs Mac!”

She added: “It is martial bliss, but to be honest with you, we’re kind of trying to get back to normality after the wedding.


Wedding: Glenda and Rob after getting hitched | VIP MAGAZINE

“You just come back from honeymoon and everyone has left you alone and you go back to work and it’s like, ‘Eh, here I am!’

“We’re very content, we’re very happy. It’s not like it has changed my life dramatically. Myself and Rob are just getting our lives back together because for the last year, pretty much, we’ve been planning our wedding.”

And Glenda has dished the dirt on her honeymoon – admitted she didn’t sleep for any of the time away, including their stay in Jennifer Aniston’s favourite spot.

glenda moon

Honeymoon: Glenda looked stunning in the sun

“It was three different holidays because we went off to Las Vegas and then we went to Mexico and Cabo,” she told Woman’s Way.

“We stayed in a place where Jennifer Aniston stays. It was absolutely gorgeous, it was like heaven on earth.

“Then we went to South Beach and that was like a different holiday again. It was my first time there and I’m definitely going back. I loved it.

“A lot of people said, ‘When you go on honeymoon you’ll sleep and sleep and sleep.’ But I didn’t. I honestly didn’t sleep on my honeymoon and when I came home, I slept for about four days.”


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