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Glenda Gilson admits she’s worried about getting sick live on air – as she battles morning sickness

The TV presenter is expecting her second child

The Gossies 2020 | Pic: Jerry McCarthy

Glenda Gilson has revealed she is suffering from “terrible morning sickness” during her second pregnancy.

The TV host was also quite sick when she was expecting her son Bobby, back in 2018.

But now Glenda, 39,  is working easier hours, working as a showbiz reporter for Ireland AM, instead of full time presenting on Xposé, which was axed last year.

Glenda, husband Rob and their son Bobby

“This time around I am on Ireland AM and I am not working all of the time like I was before,” she told RSVP Live.

“I am at home some days so I can just lie on the bed and get myself back to normality again.

“I don’t feel as bad as the last time but a lot busier jumping on flights while presenting Xposé.

“The change has suited us all having kids and I am welcoming it anyway,” she admitted.

Glenda is the Showbiz Reporter for Ireland AM

“I am not a morning person but I have become one because Bobby has me up. I am up early so Ireland AM is really suiting me.”

The Dancing with the Stars alumni added that she has been worried about getting sick live on air.

“My main worry is morning sickness on live TV, as you can imagine- the anxiety it causes is quite hard.

“There could have been a chef a few minutes beforehand cooking fish at half 8 in the morning, you are like ‘Oh my God, how am I going to get through this?’.

Glenda and husband Rob at The Gossies 2020 | Brian McEvoy

“But everyone is warned that if I have a moment, I just have to jump out of shot. I don’t know when that moment will be and hopefully it will never come. But that is always in the back of my mind.

“I am really impressed with the way that Virgin Media has done things during the pandemic,” she added.