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Gay Byrne’s wife reveals Gardaí searched their home following death threats

The veteran broadcaster received letters threatening his life

Gay Byrne & Kathleen Watkins | VIP Ireland

Gay Byrne’s wife, Kathleen Watkins, has revealed that Gardaí previously searched the couple’s home – as they feared the broadcaster’s life was under threat.

The former Late Late Show host has had his life threatened numerous times throughout his career, which was very distressing for their family.

Speaking to The Sun, Kathleen recalled: “I remember the police arrived on a number of occasions because they’d heard something was going to happen.”

“There were times when they were threats and all sorts of things.”

Gay Byrne, Kathleen Watkins | VIP Ireland

Kathleen also recounted one particular time when Gardaí refused to leave their home without searching it for potential threats.

“I was a bit taken aback, right enough. They did get information that (Gay was under threat) and they arrived at the house and they asked could they come in and look around the house,” she explained.

“I knew one of them, we called him Big Aidan, he was a huge man. He arrived at the door with a whole group of Gardai and I told him, ‘There’s no one here, we are perfectly safe and perfectly fine.'”

“But he said, ‘I’d love to come in and see around the house and make sure you are OK and that no one is holding you’ so he did that and it was fine.”

Kathleen Watkins, Gay Byrne| VIP Ireland

Gay previously told the Sunday Independent newspaper that he had death threats sent to him.

“There were threats on my life,” he said. “They came in the form of letters saying ‘we’ll blow you asunder or set fire to your house’. They were never anything I took seriously, mind.”

“I believe that if someone genuinely intended to kill you, he wouldn’t actually write to you to alert you that this was going to happen.”