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Gay Byrne on his cancer treatment: ‘I’m coping at the moment’

Gay Byrne has revealed that his cancer treatment has left him feeling “moody and grumpy”, admitting that he looks better than he feels.

The 82-year-old RTÉ star has been undergoing treatment for prostate cancer since last year, and took a break from the air waves in January 2017.

As well as that, the veteran broadcaster is also recovering from a double hip replacement – which has resulted in him taking up to 12 tablets a day.

“Everybody is telling how well I look but I wish I felt as good look, I guess that’s part the condition I’m suffering from,” he told the Irish Sun.

Coping: Gay stepped out yesterday with his wife Kathleen – and admitted that he looks better than he feels | VIPIRELAND.COM

Speaking about his medication, Gay said, “You are up and down, moody and grumpy. They play havoc with your moods and wellbeing.”

“You turn from good humoured to bad humoured but that’s just the way it is. I am coping at the moment and what happens, happens.”

“I have checks all the time and the doctors tell me I’m making progress. I believe them. I have to believe them because I’m looking better.”

Opening up: Gay revealed his battle with cancer on his radio show late last year | VIPIRELAND.COM

Gay revealed his cancer diagnosis to the public on his Lyric FM radio show last year, and was overwhelmed by the support and well wishes he received.

“There were Mass cards, prayers and letters. This massive surge of sympathy which was wonderful.

“But it has dwindled off now, probably a good thing, because I simply hadn’t the strength to answer all of the lovely letters,” he added.


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