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Gavin James hits back after fan brands him the ‘rudest person’ they’ve ever met

A 'fan' slammed the singer after meeting him in Eddie Rockets


Gavin James has hit back, after a fan branded him the “rudest person” they’ve ever met.

The singer was in Eddie Rockets enjoying a meal with friends, when he was approached by a woman who claimed to be a fan of his.

However, it appears their meeting wasn’t very amicable, as the woman in question posted a picture of Gavin on Twitter, branding him an “ugly ginger”.

Teresa Brennan tweeted, “@gavinjames just met you in a chipper. Told him I went to see him years ago in Pepper Cannister Church. Rudest person I’ve ever met. #sodisappointed #uglyginger.”

Gavin’s friend quickly jumped to his defence, and took to Twitter to describe what really happened.

He replied, “When you muscle in on the dinner table of a person you don’t know while they’re in the middle of eating, then call said stranger a ‘ginger dog’, you hardly expect a warm reception Teresa. #TeresaTheTerrorist #terrorisingConversationsWhereverSheGoes #contextLove #FeckOff.”

Gavin then had his say by replying, “😂😂 when you call someone a ‘ginger dog’ you can’t expect a nice reply 😂😂 it’s nice to be nice Teresa…”

He added, “Also your # says it all you are genuinely not very lovely.”