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Galway Best Dressed Lady tells online trolls to ‘p*** off and get a life’


The winner of this year’s Galway Best Dressed Lady has been forced to defend herself online.

Lisa McGowan, who won the title last week, has a well-known blog called Lisa’s Lust List which has a large following online.

After winning the €10,000 Best Dressed Lady prize last week Lisa was faced with criticism on her social media pages, with some online users saying she had “droopy boob syndrome”.

The Tullamore native took to her Facebook page to hit back at online trolls, telling them to “p*** off”.

“I’ve read lots of stuff about me over the last few days, horrible hurtful comments ‘droopy boob syndrome’, ‘should have worn a bra’, make-up atrocious, tangoed, satalite dish reception, fake Hollywood smile.. Oh lads the list goes on,” she wrote.

“You know what girls, I just don’t get why some folk have to be so horrible, yep the keyboard warriors have been out over the last weekend and building themselves up by trying to tear me down.”

“To all of you cyber bullies out there… P**S OFF AND GET A LIFE. Would you like to be on the receiving end,” she asked her followers.

“I’m thick skinned and I’m laughing at the good of it, me and my A cups. No chance of them drooping it’s me fat ass I’m worried about.”

“I’ll be forgotten about tomorrow and some other poor unfortunate will be at the receiving end of it tomorrow.”

“Lots of other girls are more sensitive so F**KING THINK before you unleash your nastiness on your keypad. Self Harm, depression, anorexia, suicide…Yep lots of you HARMING others out there with your comments!!!!!”

She later took to her blog page to thank people for their kind comments after she hit out at other users.

“Thanks girls… thanks for your comments and messages today.. I’m grand,” she said.

“I’ll always be grand I’m a tough cookie.. You know what…the haters actually motivate me so they better be ready for a whole lot more from me.”