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Francis Brennan reveals that his life was falling apart before he landed RTE role

The 66-year-old said working in media contributed to his survival


Francis Brennan has revealed that his life fell apart during the recession.

The 66-year-old hotelier has spoken about the money he lost, and how his TV appearances have contributed to his survival.

Speaking to RSVP Live, the Dubliner told of the hard times brought upon him during the crash.

“I wanted to retire at 55 but my life fell apart because of the recession,” he said.


“I lost a lot of money, you would be a very happy person if you had the money I lost. I never looked back and I don’t blame anybody, I signed on those lines but things just didn’t work out and I lost a fortune.”

“As it happened, the lord, who is my friend, gave me a new career at 54 and I sailed through the recession,” he explained while promoting SKODA Ireland’s diversity initiative – Simply Older, Still Clever.

Francis Brennan, and brother John Francis co-own the five-star Park Hotel in Kenmare, Co. Kerry.

He shot to fame in 2008, at the start of the recession when the siblings starred on RTE show At Your Service.


“I have always had a job, developers and other business owners didn’t have an income but I always had money coming in because I had both the hotel and media work.”

“There is no doubt that TV contributed to my survival, I will put it that way,” he explained.

“There was an income from media while I was losing out in other places.”