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Filming for Blake Lively’s new film ‘shut down’ due to injury she sustained in Dublin

The actress is struggling to recover from an on set hand injury


Blake lively was spotted all over the streets of Dublin late last year while filming her upcoming spy thriller, The Rhythm Section.

However, on December 4th, filming came to a halt after Blake suffered a hand injury, which led to her needing surgery.

It has now been reported that the surgery did not go as planned, and Blake will need further surgery on her right hand.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “just under half” of The Rhythm Section has been filmed, and that it could be five months before production resumes.

Blake Lively filming The Rhythm Section in Dublin | VIPIRELAND.COM


The news comes after the actress was recently spotted filming scenes for the movie in New York City.


However, the star appeared to be covering the bandage on her hand with a very tactical sleeve.

The Rhythm Section is a female global espionage thriller, which is being produced by the makers of the Bond movies, and directed by The Handmaid’s Tale director/exec producer Reed Morano.

The Rhythm Section will be the movie adaption of the first book in Mark Burnell’s four-part series, and the story follows the lead character, Stephanie Patrick (Blake Lively), whose life is ruined when her family are all killed in a plane crash that she was meant to be on.

However, she then discovers that the plane crash wasn’t an accident, and turns into a deadly assassin – determined to take revenge on the people responsible.

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