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Father Ted legend Ardal O’Hanlon wins praise online after appearing on The Tommy Tiernan Show

The comedian delighted fans of the popular sitcom


Ardal O’Hanlon has won praise on social media, following his appearance on The Tommy Tiernan Show.

On Saturday night, the comedian sat down for a candid interview with Tommy, who he has known for years.

Ardal and Tommy both starred in the beloved sitcom Father Ted, and shared fond memories from the show with viewers.

The 55-year-old, who played Father Dougal McGuire in the series, said: “I have so many favourite moments. There is just one that I love and it comes during a title sequence.”

“There was an all priest sports day and all the priests end up in a big fight in the end and Dougal does something really out of character, he does the boldest thing he has ever done in his life.”

“They’re all fighting and he’s looking on and he was kind of shocked and he’s looking around and then he just kicks someone and then he just runs away.”

“That was probably one of my favourite moments and whenever that comes on I give a little chuckle.”

The actor explained: “I would never sit down to watch it but it would often come on and some of them at home would be watching it and you would linger for a minute or two to see something happen.”

“And I am always struck by how unprofessional I am actually I am often laughing in the background, smiling. The whole process was such good fun.”

After his interview aired, viewers took to Twitter to praise the Irish comedian.