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EXCLUSIVE! Yvonne Keating on her relationship with John Conroy: 'We are madly in love'


Model-mum Yvonne Keating has revealed she’s head over heels with her cameraman beau John Conroy.

Despite saying she put on a stone, the former model never looked better fronting Stork’s new Easter campaign.

Admitting that they the pair are “very independent of each other” they are still madly in love despite both being very busy.

Yvonne Keating leaving The Westbury

Madly in love: Yvonne admitted her and John are completely in love | VIPIRELAND.COM

“We’re completely and absolutely in love but he’s in London all the time and I’m here, he’s six kids, I’ve three kids and it works but we’re not in each others pockets.”

“There’s no neediness or anything like that, he does his thing, I do my thing and we support each other.

“We’re there for each other and we love when we can get a weekend together so I think it has kept it all very romantic,” she beamed.

A poll carried out by Stork revealed nearly one third of men are baking at least once a month and it seem that the statuesque blonde’s other half is one of them.

Stork Easter Nest Cupcake Launch 04

Cooking up an Easter nest cupcake storm: Yvonne is the ambassador for Stork’s Easter campaign

“John is better cook and baker then I am, he is unbelievable why do you think I put on a stone?”

“He unbelievable and a really natural cook as well, he does need any recipes or books or anything like that, I’m consistently on the internet and all that kind of thing, he’s brilliant,” she smiled.

The stunning mum-of-three was busy promoting her new campaign with Stork and encouraging the public to get baking this Easter.

Yvonne wants people to try the recipe and many more recipes on BakeWithStork.com.