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EXCLUSIVE: Yewande opens up about Maura and Curtis’ ‘shocking’ relationship

Love Island star Yewande Biala has revealed that she was “shocked” by Maura’s revelation that she liked Curtis.

Speaking exclusively to, she said that she was unaware that they even  liked one another as friends.

“With Curtis and Maura, I just don’t really see it,” she said.

Pic Brian McEvoy

“I was there from the start and I didn’t even really see them even as friends.”

Following her exit, Lucie told the press that Maura had told her from the beginning that she liked Curtis, but did not act out of respect for Amy.

Yewande said that Maura never mentioned her feelings to anyone else in the villa: “She said she said it to Lucie but she never mentioned it to anyone else so everyone was shocked.”

“I don’t even see them work. Its just shocking really.”

Yewande also reflected on Michael’s recent behavior towards Amber. The Irish scientist was first coupled up with Michael in the villa, with the two becoming close friends.

“After Casa Amor I was like ‘what the hell is going on?’ especially Michael because I remember saying in an interview that Beyonce would have to come into Casa Amor and graft and Michael would probably be like hmmmm, so when I seen it, I was like what?”

Yewande reiterated that she is “100% team Amber.

“I think she has handles herself so amazing because he has treated her like sh*t in the last couple of episodes.”

Pic Brian McEvoy

Yewande had a tough time on the series, after seemingly finding love with model Danny Williams.

Despite the model telling Yewande his head couldn’t be turned, the arrival of Araballa Chi proved him wrong, as he dumped Yewande in her favour.

Left without someone to couple up with, Yewande left the villa. However, when asked who she would couple up with now, it was an easy choice – “Ovie!”

Love Island continues tomorrow night at 9pm.

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