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EXCLUSIVE! Vogue Williams reveals why she would NOT want to live with Jedward


Vogue Williams has admitted that she’s not too keen on the thoughts of living with Jedward in the Big Brother house.

The Irish twins caused controversy on Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year due to their typically mischievous behaviour, and although Vogue thinks they “don’t mean any harm” – she said that they would be “difficult” to live with.

“I’ve met Jedward. They’re definitely a little bit out there. I think they’re really lovely boys, but I wouldn’t want to live with them.

“I think it would be quite difficult to live with them, but they don’t mean any harm and I always get on well with them,” she told Goss.ie.

Mischief: Jedward caused a stir on Celebrity Big Brother this year | CHANNEL 5

Although Vogue wouldn’t have them as housemates anytime soon – she did commend John and Edward Grimes for doing so well on the show.

“They’re always in a good mood when I see them and meet them, and I think they probably got a little bit of stick, but at the end of the day they did really well,” she said.

In general, Vogue doesn’t fancy being booked as a Big Brother housemate, admitting that she would “murder” people due to her “short patience”.

“I would murder people if I went onto Big Brother. Because I have a very short patience with annoying people. It’s my favourite show to watch, because I just think they’ve got the format so good and they have the worst people in there together that they kill each other.

“It’s amazing to watch, but I would not be able to put myself in that house,” she told Goss.ie.

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