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EXCLUSIVE! Teresa Mannion admits: ‘The word celebrity leaves me cold’

The RTE star rose to fame after her weather report went viral in 2015


Teresa Mannion has admitted that the word “celebrity” leaves her cold, and thinks her rise to fame is a bit nuts.

The RTE star spoke to Goss.ie after the first live show of Dancing With The Stars, and opened up about life since THAT infamous weather report during Storm Desmond in 2015.

“What can I say, the word celebrity just leaves me cold, even star – it’s all a bit nuts,” she said.


Cold: Teresa isn’t a fan of the word “celebrity” | RTE

“I went global and everybody knew me – overnight, I was a household name,” she told Goss.ie.

“When the truth is I’ve actually been a journalist for thirty years.

“I’ve got a lot of work under my belt that I’m really proud of, but I think I’ll only ever be known as the girl who shouted on the prom during Storm Desmond.”

Teresa Mannion

Star: The reporter is one of the famous Irish faces taking part in Dancing With The Stars | RTE

Teresa also admitted that she hasn’t received any negative feedback since she went viral.

“At the end of the day it’s been a really positive experience – I didn’t get abuse on Twitter,” she explained.

“I’ve had so many opportunities. In fact, Dancing With The Stars is ultimately the result of the night on the Proms.

“Did you know there’s a ballroom step called the promenade? So I’m going to bring my dance partner to Galway and show him where I did that infamous weather report – and we might even do a prom step on the Prom.”

Amy Huberman & guests at The Late Late Show

Embarrassed: Teresa wants to prove to her sons she’s not uncool | VIPIRELAND.COM

The reporter also revealed that her sons were quite embarrassed of her report popping up all over the internet – but she wants to prove she’s cool.

“[My sons] were embarrassed at the time of the weather video, and then here I go again dancing – they get a lot of stick.

“But this show is so magnificent and it’s trending number one on Twitter with hugely positive feedback.

“It’s going to the talk of the country and my sons will eventually realise I’m not so uncool,” she added.