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EXCLUSIVE! Sinead O’Carroll opens up about managing Dancing With The Stars nerves

Sinead O’Carroll has opened up about managing her nerves on Dancing With The Stars.

The former B*Witched singer found herself in the bottom two with Brian Dowling for the show’s first dance off.

Judges voted to save Sinead, meaning Brian was eliminated from the programme.


In an interview, Sinead exclusively revealed to that dancing to save her place on the show was “weird.”

“It was weird, but I was prepared because he had me prepared.”

“Yeah but it was weird, definitely.”

When our Dancing With The Stars reporter January Winters asked if the singer was confident she’d win the dance-off she revealed: “It’s a hard one, it is a hard one because everybody is on a different journey, so you just don’t know.”

Pic: Kyran O’Brien

“It happened so quickly tonight that I didn’t have time to do it, but earlier tonight before we actually went on I was really really nervous so I was…”

Opening up about how she looks after nervousness, Sinead revealed she developed a dance with Aidan Fogarty and Grainne Gallanagh.

“I do this combination of this tapping thing and then this new Haka thing.”


“Myself and Aidan and Grainne were messing a few weeks ago and I learnt this thing years ago in drama,” she laughed.

“Like if you get nervous before a show, sort of just push forward and go “ha” and do that sort of thing.”

“And then from there it developed into a mini-Haka dance.”

Dancing With The Stars returns Sunday at 6.30 pm on RTE One.


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