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EXCLUSIVE! Sharon Horgan glad people aren’t ‘too freaked out’ by her comedy writing in Catastrophe

Sharon Horgan picked up the IFTA for Best Female performance for Catastrophe.

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Sharon Horgan chatted to Goss.ie straight after winning her IFTA for Female Performance for her acting in Catastrophe – and she’s “still surprised” by how much people love the show.

Remarking on how popular the show is she said, “We never expected it. We’re about to start shooting our fourth series on Monday and I can’t believe we’re even making a fourth series! It was a tiny idea that happened to catch people’s imaginations, I’m still surprised by it.”

Sharon reveals the real and raw nature of the comedy writing in Catastrophe comes the most naturally to her saying, “Yeah, for me it’s the easiest thing to write. It’s scary a bit as well because you’re putting yourself out there. You really are just saying what you think is the truth and hoping everybody isn’t too freaked out by it!”

Facebook Live-ing with @robdelaney for the launch of @catastrophe_tv on @amazonvideo April 28th Amazon transformed every room of the Hollywood Athletics Club into mini homages to each of their shows. It was, as Kevin Costner would say, neat.

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She stars alongside Rob Delany in the hit show and says it’s “non-stop pinch” me moments.

Her face is a familiar sight on billboards on the Sunshine Strip in LA since the show began but the mum-of-two insists she’s not used to it yet.

“The people we get to come and do the show, the guest stars this series, that’s all pinch me moments!”

Watch the full interview here.