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EXCLUSIVE! Ryan O’Shaughnessy discusses Eurovision controversy

Ryan O'Shaughnessy hopes his Eurovision performance will open conversations surrounding sexuality

Picture Andres Poveda

Ryan O’Shaughnessy did Ireland proud at the Eurovision this year sending an important message of love out into the world.

Russia refused to broadcast his performance as it featured a gay romance but Ryan told Goss.ie he thought it was important to send a message with his song.

“I wanted to make sure there was a little bit of a message behind it and I wasn’t just going over and dancing around,” he said ahead of the IFTAs in the RDS.

“I think the positive message was well received by most and then you know there’s a couple of countries that didn’t really accept that message but that just opens up another conversation.”

He described the experience as a “surreal” and a “whirlwind”. The Dubliner wants to keep it in the family for 2019 and see his mum fulfill her dream of representing Ireland in the Eurovision!

Watch the full interview here.