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Exclusive! Pippa O’Connor opens up about her eldest son going to school and reveals exciting Fashion Factory news

The mother-of-two has big plans for her events


Pippa O’Connor has opened up about her eldest son going to school and also revealed some exciting Fashion Factory news.

The mother-of-two chatted exclusively to Goss.ie at the launch of Cheerios Childline Breakfast, which runs from Monday 15th to Sunday 21st of October.

Pippa told us that she expected the experience of her first-born going to school to be more emotional than it was, but said that her son’s school made the day easier on the children and parents by sectioning off the Junior Infants from the rest of the classes.

Presence PR – Cheerios Childline Breakfast 2018

“I didn’t actually cry and I thought I would!” she said.

“I think they did it very well, like it was only Junior Infants that went in. They weren’t straight into the yard of the whole school, so they were very much eased in. I think they did it well, there’s no big pangs of anxiety,” Pippa explained.

Although the businesswoman may not have cried on the day, it was an emotional and strange experience.

“You’re more just sad in a proud way. You see the size of them in their uniform and the tie you’re like ‘This is so weird,'” the 33-year-old said.


“He’s like ‘I look like I’m off to work’. I thought it was hilarious with the tie and shirt,” she laughed.

The former model is juggling a lot at the moment, from her family life to POCO to her Fashion Factory events, but it doesn’t look like Pippa will be slowing down any time soon.

Pippa revealed that her Fashion Factory events are no longer going to be restricted to Ireland as she hopes to expand across the pond in the near future.

“We’re thinking of doing a fashion factory in the UK as well. It’s just sorting out the logistics of it. It’s even such a task here in Ireland getting everyone, whether you’re going to Belfast or Cork, you’re packing up vans and bringing like twenty people with you,” she revealed.

Presence PR – Cheerios Childline Breakfast 2018

“So, we are looking at it though. We seem to have a big following in the UK so it’d be good to do that,” Pippa told us.

The mother-of-two has a number of dates for her Fashion Factory events across the country over the next few months.