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EXCLUSIVE! Peter Stringer admits he got ‘stick’ from the rugby lads for joining Dancing With The Stars

Peter Stringer has revealed he got “stick” from the Ireland rugby team – when he signed up for Dancing With The Stars.

The former Irish rugby star took to the dance floor for the first time this weekend – and was dubbed a “dark horse” in the competition, by top judge Julian Benson.

The sports star went home with a strong score of 16 from the panel, with viewers votes to be added in for week 3, when one celeb contestant will be sent home.

Speaking exclusively to, Peter admitted: “There’s always a bit of stick, whether you’re dancing or you’re walking down the street, there’s always stick from the lads,” he said.

“You expect it from the rugby guys in particular. When it was first announced I said ‘I’m going to embrace the pink suit, the whole thing, the diamond number 9.’

“I said ‘look just go with it. Throw myself into the show and whatever comes my way I’ll take it.

“And look they’ve been supportive but you’d expect a bit of slagging along the way,” he admitted.

Johnny Ward

Peter Stringer and Ksenia Zsikhotska

Johnny Ward topped the leaderboard this week with 22 points, while Peter tied at 16 with Darren Kennedy.

Denis Bastick scored 15, with comedian Fred Cooke at 12.

The girls will take to the dance floor next Sunday night.


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