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EXCLUSIVE! Nicky Byrne: 'I'd never say never to a Westlife reunion'


Nicky Byrne has revealed he would “never say never” to a Westlife reunion.

The 2fm star admitted he was recently looking back on old performances of the pop group which made him nostalgic for the old days.

“Never say never. Recently, someone sent me a link on YouTube of the Brits from 2002 and I watched that and that was fun.

“It’s hard not to be nostalgic but it’s not for now,” he told Goss.ie.

Westlife play The O2 supported by Wonderland, Dublin

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However, the Dublin native also admitted a reunion will not happen any time soon as the ex-boybander works on his solo album.

“It’s not something that I’d be looking for, or planning, or hoping for any time soon,” he said.

“We did fourteen years, we didn’t do five years like Take That, we’re all getting on with our lives and we’re doing different stuff.”

“I wouldn’t have the radio show, I wouldn’t have the TV show, I wouldn’t be recording my own album – I wouldn’t be coming home every day to my wife and kids.

“But there’s plenty of pros, I miss the big shows, there’s always room for a reunion,” he added.

2fm Nicky Byrne Show with Jenny Greene Birthday 13

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Speaking at the one year anniversary of The Nicky Byrne Show at Ballsbridge pub The Bridge – the Westlife star also revealed it will be strange being in the charts with his former bandmates.

“Yeah of course it will be weird. Shane has come out with an album, Kian has come out with an album and now it’s Mark’s turn.”

“Then it’ll be me.  I really don’t know yet. I’m very close to signing with management now. I’m very excited about it,” he told Goss.ie.

Meanwhile, Nicky also divulged he has received the odd piece of hate mail since becoming a radio presenter.

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“I got a letter to RTE recently that had no name or address on it and it was just one insult after another,” he said.

“I actually laughed at it and I kept it, I might frame it.”