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EXCLUSIVE: Muireann O’Connell opens up about working with Greg O’Shea

"I have to get all the inside goss"

Pic Brian McEvoy

Muireann O’Connell and Greg O’Shea have been announced to host a brand new show together on Virgin Media as part of the brand new spring time line-up.

The new entertainment series, The Late Tackle, is set to focus on rugby and will air at the end of this month.

Muireann told Goss.ie about her upcoming role – and pledged to get all the best Love Island gossip from Greg.

Pic Brian McEvoy

“I don’t think they realise that there was going to be two Limerick people together, I think that was an afterthought, they were like ‘oh my God, they’re both from Limerick’ so it’s going to be really really cool,” she said.

“You never know with those things but anything could happen.”

Speaking of Greg’s Love Island fame, she said: “I have to get all the inside goss because Winter Love Island is starting so I’m going to try and get as much gossip as I can out of him – the workings of it.”

“We might have a little Love Island house, we might have Casa Amor going on on The Late Tackle and he might be able to predict what’s going to happen on the new season.”

“I think as a microcosm of life, Love Island is absolutely fascinating. We know that these people who go in there now know what they’re getting themselves in to – but do they really?”

“Because on the outside it’s a whole animal that they dont know.”

Opening up about what fans can expect from her and Greg on the hotly anticipated new show, she revealed that while Greg may be a rugby pro, the show will be for everyone and not just rugby fans.

“The Late Tackle – have an innuendo and go for it,” she joked.

“It’s an entertainment show, it’s for everyone so whether you have got an interest in rugby or not we’re going to be having a little bit of craic.”

“One thing i can tell you is that rugby players are great laughs, they are some of the funniest people that I have ever met – but it’s also going to be people from the world of comedy and music and art, everyone is going to be involved.”

“It’s a chat show – it’s having the craic and hopefully people can get involved from at home so it’s not about knowing your rules of rugby.”

She explained that there are “loads of exciting guest coming up” who will be kept under wraps until the show airs.

The show kicks off on January 30th on Virgin Media.