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EXCLUSIVE! Lucy Kennedy and Evelyn Williams hilariously discuss her career after Ireland’s Got Talent

Evelyn is available for store openings etc. but you'll have to cough up the cash or Lucy will get you!

Pictures: Cathal Burke / VIPIRELAND.COM

Evelyn Williams and Lucy Kennedy were all smiles when we caught up with them after the last Ireland’s Gt Talent semi final in the Helix.

Despite being a favourite of the public Evelyn didn’t make it through to the finals but it hasn’t dampened her spirits.

‘I’m delighted, you know it was brilliant. I saw a great show tonight.’

Pictures: Cathal Burke / VIPIRELAND.COM

Lucy and Evelyn got emotional talking about the younger competitors in the final and who they would like to see win.

Lucy said ‘It’s like picking your favourite child. It’s tricky because a lot of them are children.’

To which Evelyn replied ‘when I see the children upset, I’m a great grandmother, you know, I feel for the kids.’

‘They’ve a long way to go and they’ll get many a bang but if they learn early… But we never learn do we?’

The pair go on to joke about going on a cruise around the world together as a singing and dancing duo.

Evelyn announces that Lucy ‘is going to do the dance of the seven veils.’

Evelyn Williams and Alannah Beirne Pic Brian McEvoy

As for work after her stint on Ireland’s Got Talent, Evelyn is already busy cutting ribbons and plans to cruise around the world with Lucy!

‘I’ll tell you what did happen. The Virgin was opening stores in Tallaght and through Dee I was asked to cut the ribbon and I did it!’

‘And eh… 500!’ she says as she winked at the camera.

There you have it, Ev is open for business, get your bookings in now!

Watch the full interview here.