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EXCLUSIVE! Lorraine Keane admits: 'Deep down I'd love my kids to my doctors or solicitors'


Lorraine Keane has revealed she would love her kids to be doctors or solicitors.

Speaking to Goss.ie, the former TV3 star revealed she hopes her kids go for completely different careers.

“Both my daughters are very creative – with a musician dad and a TV presenter mom,” she explained.

“But deep down I would love them to be a doctor or solicitor of some sort because this business is so unpredictable,” she joked.

“But at the same time I wouldn’t change it for the world I love the fact it is so unforeseen.”


Lorraine and fellow Renault brand ambassadors Today FM’s Ian Dempsey and rugby star Fiona Coghlan |VIP IRELAND

“But whatever the girls decide to do I will always support them and if they want to work the industry my main advice would be just work hard and be nice to people,” she added.

Speaking at the launch of Renault group 152’s summer Campaign, Lorraine revealed she would love to host her own radio show.

“I would love to do more radio, I’ve covered for various people on Today FM,its a natural thing when you’ve already done TV,” she explained.

“I’d love to do chat show, based on women, I think women are incredible creatures and we do so much and we multitask, just because we can.

“I think its really important that we support each other and make things as easy as possible, that is why I like to share the tricks of the trade.”