EXCLUSIVE! Lisa Cannon left Xposé because she felt ‘pigeonholed’


Lisa Cannon has revealed that she left TV3’s Xposé because she felt “pigeonholed”.

The brunette beauty co-hosted the show for ten years – but now, Lisa is moving on to greener pastures after herself, Peter O’Riordan and Aisling O’Loughlin were axed from the Xposé line-up.

After an emotional goodbye on last night’s Xposé, Lisa revealed that she would be moving over to Weekend AM, as Anna Daly is set to go on maternity leave.

Speaking to at the launch of TV3 new Autumn schedule, Lisa admitted that she wanted to broaden her horizons as she was starting to feel “pigeonholed” on the entertainment show.

“It’s so hard to say goodbye to anyone, because it’s like a break up. But I feel so delighted that I’m doing something totally different because I was just feeling a little bit pigeonholed into entertainment, and I felt that now is a great opportunity,” she said.

TV3 Autumn 2014 Schedule launch

Sad: Lisa is leaving Xposé after 10 years | VIPIRELAND.COM

“I have 15 years broadcasting experience, and I’m 10 years on Xposé – so now it’s time for me to broaden my horizons and set new challenges,” she explained.

While Lisa wanted to step away from the entertainment world, she’ll still be covering some showbiz – and may even head to the Oscars next year.

“Of course, we can still do a bit of entertainment because we’re even talking about doing the Oscars in February on Weekend AM.

“It’s just nice for me to get my teeth into something slightly different, and it will be very different because it’s going to be live for three hours, and I’ll be the anchor.


Goodbye: Lisa admitted that its been an emotional time | BRIAN MCEVOY

Speaking about her last episode of Xposé, which aired last night, Lisa admitted that it was very emotional.

“It was very emotional, and I had actually forgotten how many things I had done over the years, the poor editors were scrambling over ten years of footage.

“It just makes you think about all the celebrities I have interviewed, it was unreal. What a ride!”

The presenter will take up her new role on Weekend AM in October, and revealed how she’s going to prepare for the challenge.

TV3 New Season AW16 launch

Exciting: Lisa is looking forward to new challenges on Weekend AM | VIPIRELAND.COM

“I can’t wait to start, I think just being in a live capacity, and three hours anchoring a show is just very exciting for me. It’s going to be challenging, but I’m gonna have to shadow Anna [Daly] and make sure I’m up to speed,” she told

Thankfully, after the madness of announcing her departure from Xposé – Lisa is heading off for a much-needed break to Ibiza with friends.

“I’m going to Ibiza tomorrow. I’m tired now, it’s been an emotional goodbye.

“But new adaption, new change – I think it’s brilliant for me so I’m grabbing it with both hands,” she added.