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EXCLUSIVE! Lisa Cannon admits she was ‘nervous’ as she has her first day on Weekend AM


Lisa Cannon has admitted she was full of nerves ahead of her first day on TV3’s Weekend AM.

The TV presenter, who hosted Xpose for ten years, started on Saturday AM today – ahead of taking over Anna Daly’s spot when she goes on maternity leave.

Speaking to Goss.ie Lisa said, her new role is “totally different” to hosting Xpose, and admitted she was nervous about starting a new show.

“I’m nervous but I’m really excited,” she revealed.

“Karen (Koster) text me today and said ‘looking well on telly’ which was really nice,” she added.


Newbie: Lisa on her first day with Laura Woods and Thomas Crosse | INSTAGRAM

For the next few weeks Lisa will be on the show as a part of the team, recording live links and interviews – and then on October 17th Lisa will take over from Anna.

After over a decade of attending glitzy parties and interviewing stars on the red carpet, Lisa said she’s looking forward to a bit of a change.

“It’s similar but it’s also totally different,” she explained.

“We’re talking about different subjects, you have to be on your toes. I’ve been brushing up on politics, reading the Irish Times – you have to be very well versed on lots of different things,” she added.

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New role: Lisa has left Xpose | BRIAN MCEVOY

But Lisa admitted there will still be showbiz news and celebrity content on the show when she is hosting.

“I’m madly in love with showbiz still, we’re getting to do a lot more on the show,” she told Goss.ie.

“We’re hopefully covering The Oscars this year, since it falls on a weekend and we have lots more planned.”

With the new role comes a new lifestyle, and Lisa admitted she won’t be travelling around the world “as frequently” when previously in Xpose Lisa was practically on a flight every week.

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Change: Lisa is looking forward to having more time | VIPIRELAND.COM

“I’ve done about 400 or 500 red carpets over the 10 years I was on Xpose,” she admitted.

“Now it’s nice, you’re not up in the air anymore, it’s nice to have downtime.

“I’m still working full time so whether I’m filming or editing packages there’s always something to be done, so it’s nice to have the time to do that,” she added.