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EXCLUSIVE! James Kavanagh and William Murray reveal Currabinny café delay after launching new cookbook

The food lovers have finally launched their much-anticipated cookbook


James Kavanagh and William Murray have finally launched their much-anticipated Currabinny Cookbook, but fans of the pair will have to wait until at least next year for their café to open.

The book, which is hailed as a “one-stop bible of delicious, comforting and irresistible recipes”, is already receiving rave reviews – and the pair couldn’t be more delighted.

Speaking to Goss.ie at their cookbook launch, William said, “It’s surreal, it feels like it’s someone else’s book launch, and I keep having to remind myself that we’re all here for me and James and what we’ve done, it’s kind of mad.”

“It was such a long time coming, it was such a long process, you know writing the recipes and doing all the ground work takes so much.. So it’s amazing to be at this point where it’s a physical thing and it’s for sale and people can pick it up and buy it. It’s amazing.”

James said, “It’s a relief as well, because for so long we’ve just known about the book and the recipes, and now it’s in the public and we’re getting feedback from people making the recipes saying they love what’s in the book. So it’s definitely a relief to finally get everyone’s stamp of approval.”

While they were working on the cookbook, James revealed their plans to open café’s in Dublin and Cork.

Initially, they had hoped to open their Dublin café later this year, but they’ve since decided to push back and focus on the cookbook’s success instead.

When asked about the café, James explained, “Yeah, that’s definitely the next step. We want to run with the book for the next few months and make it the best it can be, we’re doing loads of demos and stuff over the next few months, but the next big step is the café.

“I feel like we say it every year, ‘next year, next year,’ but we’re definitely hoping early next year.

“The only thing that’s holding us back is the premises, so any good premises out there, let us know,” he laughed.

Naturally, working together as a couple on their food business has it’s challenges, but thankfully neither tends to hold a grudge.

William said, “We definitely kill each other, but we’re both the kind of people who, like, we get our temper tantrum out straight away and then we’re best friends again, you know that sort of way?

“We get over things very quickly, and I think you have to, we don’t hold on to things too long.”

James added, “I think the secret to a good relationship is being able to have an argument and make up quite soon afterward. So if we’re having a row, we’ll just kind of get over it very quickly.”

Check out our full interview with James and William below: