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EXCLUSIVE! Irish mum thanks Conor McGregor for €10k donation that will change her son’s life

Her son needed life-changing surgery but she couldn't afford it


An Irish mum has thanked Conor McGregor for taking away the “uncertainty” of her son’s life – who fell ill with sepsis last year.

Five-year-old Bryan Buckley from Drogheda, Co. Louth has been left unable to eat or walk since the tragic incident.

His distraught mym Grainne Cullough has been fundraising for her son to have “life-changing” surgery that could make his life so much better.

Grainne had been told she couldn’t get the surgery until at least February 2019, unless she paid €10,000.

And she got a complete shock when GoFundMe emailed her to tell her Conor had anonymously donated €10,000.

Although he chose the anonymous option on the platform, Grainne had to share the news.

Speaking exclusively to Goss.ie, Grainne said her son can have such a better life now.

“You have no idea what Conor and Dee have done for us,” she said.

“My son needs so much care and the future has been so uncertain for us, now they have made it possible for my boy to get the best medical care/help with movement.

“I’m blown away,” she added.

Grainne said that thanks to Conor’s donation Bryan “will be able to have everything he needs to get back to as good as he can be after the brain damage.”

Bryan has been wearing the feeding tube since last September.

To donate to Bryan’s campaign, click HERE.