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EXCLUSIVE: Irish model Shahira Barry reveals hacker stole ‘huge amount’ of her OnlyFans earnings

The Galway native joined the X-rated subscription service earlier this month

Instagram | @shahirabarry

Shahira Barry has revealed that a hacker stole a “huge amount” of her OnlyFans earnings.

The LA-based Irish model joined the X-rated subscription service earlier this month, which allows content creators to earn money from users who subscribe to their account.

After climbing to the top 3.1% of creators on the platform, the Galway native noticed some unusual activity on her account – before realising someone stole “a good portion” of her earnings.

Shahira spoke exclusively to Goss.ie about her experience, opening up about her decision to join the platform that has exploded in popularity over the past few months.

Instagram | @shahirabarry

“I decided to join OnlyFans because while I previously had a pre-conceived idea that it was only for sex work/porn (and that was not for me), I noticed over the past few months through quarantine the platform becoming a lot more main-stream with stars like Bella Thorne, Megan Barton Hanson, Kerry Katona, and Tyga among many others joining.

“This peaked my interest and I started to research what it was. Everyone’s idea of porn is different, but to me that means sex acts and full open nudity. I will never partake in that. I have no judgement against anyone who does,” she said, “In my situation, while I will never do ‘sex acts’ outside of my personal life.

“I have been doing lingerie and swimsuit modelling for 10 years. I also did a nude test shoot for Playboy and I have worked out in the gym almost every day for over 10 years. Therefore I am very confident in my body.

“To me, OnlyFans is almost like your own ‘lad’s mag’ for glamour modelling, and that is how I am viewing my profile.”

Instagram | @shahirabarry

Shahira admitted she was “pleasantly surprised” by the reaction she got after announcing to her large following that she had joined the service.

“I expected to get backlash, trolls etc… but I haven’t received any!” she revealed.

“Everyone, for the most part, has supported me joining and has seen no issue with it. My subscribers have all been nice to me and respectful of my boundaries.

“In just three weeks I am in the Top 3.1% of creators – which is based on earnings, not subscriber numbers. I am delighted with this.”

She added: “Well, I was until someone stole a good portion of the money I have made so far.”

Instagram | @shahirabarry

Explaining what happened, Shahira said: “When you first join OnlyFans, you have to wait for 7 days until you can transfer money to your Bank account. On the 8th of September, I made my first transfer which arrived safely to my bank account on the 10th.

“On OnlyFans, you have two options: you can do manual payouts or automatic payouts that can be scheduled weekly or monthly.

“After my first initial manual payout, I decided to set my account to automatic weekly Payouts… As it can take a few days to actually transfer the money, I didn’t notice that the money hadn’t successfully transferred to my bank account after the 14th.

“On Sunday the 20th, I received an email alert suggesting someone had tried to access my OnlyFans profile and that I should secure it by changing the password – which I did.”

Instagram | @shahirabarry

“On Monday the 21st, I checked my bank expecting to see that transfer from the 14th had definitely gone through by now, but to my surprise it still hadn’t – so I logged on to Only Fans and went to the payout section.

“The first thing I noticed was the automatic payment that I had selected had been turned off, and the manual option was now selected,” Shahira explained, “I then noticed a suspicious bank account ending in 4 digits that were not the 4 ending digits on my bank account.

“I checked the payout requests and saw that there had been seven manual payouts across more than a week made to this unknown bank account.

“I immediately disconnected that bank account, replacing it with mine and once again changed the password and set up 2 step authorisation.”

Instagram | @shahirabarry

Shahira claimed she had “no warning or safety email alert” that her payment options had been changed, and that the first time she was alerted to someone attempting to access her account was weeks after the first transfer took place.

The model has since received a phone call from an OnlyFans representative, who agreed to refund Shahira her money.

“I hopefully should have it in my bank in a few days,” she said.

“They informed me that the hacker/hackers had actually used two separate bank accounts both with a connection to CashApp and these accounts may have been set up in my name somehow,” she explained.

Instagram | @shahirabarry

“Obviously that’s something I need to find out as if that is the case, then it is also identity theft.

“I will still be filing a police report, but I am grateful that OnlyFans themselves have taken some responsibility with regards to refunding my money.”

A spokesperson for OnlyFans told Goss.ie: “We advise all our creators to set up 2-step authentication when they have completed sign-up and security.

“This ensures that any future attempt to login or change the critical information of the account requires 2-step authentication to be completed.”

Instagram | @shahirabarry

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