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EXCLUSIVE: Holly Carpenter opens up about her plans for the new year

Holly Carpenter has opened up about her plans for the new year.

The model stunned on the Gossies pink carpet last night ahead of the annual awards ceremony.

In an exclusive interview with, Holly revealed that fans have a particular interest in her following a different path.


Holly Carpenter pictured at The Gossies 2020 at the Mansion House, Dublin.
Picture: Brian McEvoy Photography

Speaking about her stunning make-up look for the night, Holly revealed she spent 5 hours doing her own look before the event.

“I love it, it’s real therapeutic to just do it myself.”

“I wouldn’t trust anyone else, you know yourself with years of modelling you kind of just know your own face.”

When asked if she would take her content down the beauty route she said: “Potentially, like all my instagram followers want that. But it’s such a minefield. There’s so much in it”


“I do it as more of a hobby.”

When it comes to her plans for the rest of the year, the business woman revealed she is working on new products for her brand Love Lift.

“I’m kinda just easing myself into the year. I just moved house, I have a lot of changes going on. I’m working on a few mini products.”

“Love Lift is still going strong 2 years later which I’m really delighted about.”



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