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EXCLUSIVE! Glenda Gilson opens up about struggles during pregnancy

She feels "blessed" and "thrilled" to be pregnant

Photo by Michael Chester

Glenda Gilson spoke to Goss.ie about the struggles she’s having during pregnancy.

The Xposé presenter was over the moon when she found out she was pregnant with her husband of four years, Rob McNaughton.

The couple are expecting their first child in November, but the morning sickness Glenda has been struggling with hasn’t eased up at all.

Friends and family had advised her that her morning sickness would stop by now but alas it hasn’t. “Every time I meet people they’re like ‘Oh it will finish in week 14!’, ‘Oh it will finish in week 16!’ I’m in to week 17 and it hasn’t finished so we’ll see.”

Picture: Brian McEvoy

She hasn’t thought too much about baby names just yet and she despite asking several times about the sex of the baby before it was possible to find out, she’s not sure if she wants to know any more.

The model is embracing the pregnancy process and said, “I’m very moany but look, I believe it’s all worth it in the end.” Before going on to say that the couple feel “blessed” to be expecting. She believes Rob will be “a great dad”.

Regards Karen Coster’s maternity cover Glenda has no idea who’ll be filling in for her. “We’ve Thalia helping us out.. She’s great, love her,” she said before going on to state that herself and Cassie Stokes would be the last to know who gets the gig.

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