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EXCLUSIVE! Gavin James reveals plans to resurrect old material for new album

The singer revealed his plans to release a number of rediscovered songs

Picture: Cathal Burke / VIPIRELAND.COM

Gavin James has revealed plans to resurrect old material for a new album.

The singer launched Cadbury’s Secret Santa campaign alongside his father, Gerry, today and told Goss.ie all about his future plans for releasing new music.

As the festive season is in full swing, Gavin also revealed his plan to release a new Christmas cover: “I have one that I have in my back pocket, of another Christmas song because I just love Christmas anyway. But all the songs are very fun to sing at Christmas, everyone loves a bit of Christmas.”

“But I have it in my back pocket, so I don’t know what I’m going to do with it, it’ll probably just be a thing I’ll chuck up online last minute. Definitely that EP tends to, when it gets to the start of December, people start listening to all the Christmasy stuff. I start in October nearly!”

“I’ll be up against Michael Bublé though, so he’s the king of Christmas isn’t he?” he joked.


Gavin isn’t just thinking about Christmas covers though, as he also revealed that he has attempted to write an original festive song: “Yeah, you need to write that in the summer though don’t you? I always try to write it in the summer. At one point I’d be away and I’d try to get a little bit festive somewhere just to give it a go, but it’s very hard to write a Christmas song.”

“If I ever have one, I don’t want to put out one that’s just alright, you want one that is just savage! I don’t want to put out something that’s like ‘meh’, it just says ‘Christmas’ in it once.”

Although the singer only released his latest album last month, he has already started to continue work on a number of tracks that he recovered from several years ago.

“It was really cool because I had lost so much because I’m an idiot and didn’t back up my old phone. I got a new phone and thought I’d get it all back and I missed out on like three years of backdated songs and I didn’t know how to get it back.”


“I gave my sister my old phone and for some reason I just checked it and it was all there. It was all backdated from 2013-2016 and it was cool because there was like fifty of them. Thirty of them are crap, twenty of them are okay and ten of them are good,” he revealed.


As for the unheard songs potentially featuring on a future album, Gavin said: “You never know, I think it’s definitely all there anyway. They’re not finished, they’re all little ideas that I had. But to me, if you have an idea, it’s a song.”

“Once it’s there it doesn’t take that long for myself to get the whole thing out. It was really cool, I was chuffed because I was always telling people in interviews ‘I’ve lost so many songs.’ But there were one or two that were completely gone from my head that I listen to as if it was somebody else. This is very exciting, it’s cool.”

Picture: Jerry McCarthy / VIPIRELAND.COM

The 27-year-old made history last month when he became the first singer to launch an album into space and explained to us exactly how the strange idea came about.


“Me and my manager had the idea, ‘why don’t we send the album into space because it’s a ‘launch’ isn’t it? It sounds hilarious, oh how will we do that?’ It was kind of a joke at the start and eventually we found these two lads in Wales that did it professionally.”

“They put up in a big balloon and when it gets through the stratosphere it just pops and it goes back down. I’m very annoyed though because I didn’t put anything on it. I should have just taken a bit of my hair out and put it to the CD to say ‘I kind of went to space.’ ”

“It was very cool, it was a cool idea I thought. I was bricking it that it would hit somebody on the head on the way down though. It landed in a farm like thirty kilometres away from where it lifted off. It didn’t look to be too hard of a landing though, I need to actually get that CD.”

Picture: Jerry McCarthy / VIPIRELAND.COM

The singer also spoke to us about how heavily his songs feature in Australian soap, Home and Away: “I think they have the whole catalogue of all the songs, they’re playing ‘Always’ now all the time as well which is great. Every time something sad happens it’s like ‘It’s a Gavin James song.'”

“It’s great, it’s really cool. Everyone’s always @-ing me on Twitter every time it happens. I never see the right episode though; my ma watches it as well, she’s always waiting for the song to come on.”

Gavin has already announced Irish and European dates for his upcoming tour, but as he has such a huge global fanbase the singer hinted that a world tour is set to be announced very soon: “Definitely…I can’t say anything. But yeah, definitely I am, probably. No, I am. There’s going to be a big tour next year, it’s going to be announced soon enough. It’s going to be everywhere, we’re going to try to hit all the places that you can go more or less by the end of next year.”


Along with the start of his upcoming tour, Gavin has a few busy months ahead of him, as he’s also set to headline the 3 Countdown Concert on New Year’s Eve.

“I can’t wait because I missed the one last year, I only saw it on the T.V. last week with the Kodaline lads. It was savage, it just looks deadly. Those lads are class as well, so they smashed it. I was chatting to Ste and all about how they got on and that, and they said it was great. I can’t wait, it’s going to be really cool. I’ve always wanted to do it. It’s just a really cool one to do, to headline as well.”

The singer launched Cadbury’s Secret Santa campaign in Dublin today and said: “I’m here with my da and he just looks like Santa, so we just did our first ever photoshoot together, which was hilarious.”

“We were in the Cadbury’s van and we did the photoshoot. It’s all about Secret Santa, so you can send chocolate to whoever you want, if you want to send some to your ma without her knowing it, send her chocolate. It’s a really cool idea and my da is genuinely the most Santa-looking person in the world.”

Check out Gavin’s interview below: