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EXCLUSIVE! Galway model Shahira Barry: 'I refused to smoke weed with Snoop Dogg'

shahira and snoop2

So dope: Snoop posed for a picture while holding a joint

Playboy star Shahira Barry has revealed she’s become pals with Snoop Dogg – after being cast in his TV show.

The Galway model landed a part in Snoop’s popular Youtube show GGN (Double G News Netwwork), and the pair hung out afterwards.

“Two days ago I got a call from the producer of his show GGN saying they loved my look,” Shahira told

“And they asked would I be interested in being the weather girl for one of his shows as well as another comedy sketch.”

shahira and snoop

New pals: Shahira said she and Snoop spent hours talking

“When Snoop came in his presence lit up the room and he came straight over and introduced himself giving me a massive friendly hug. He was so welcoming,” she said.

“I stayed and hung out with him for a lot of the day, we chatted about everything.”

While the pair got on, Shahira admitted she wasn’t up for partying the way Snoop Dogg wanted to.

“Of course it’s Snoop Dogg- so he started smoking a joint and then passed me it,” she claimed.

shahira and snoop3

On set: Shahira with Snoop and her cast mates

“I told him I don’t smoke which I feel no one has ever said to him before, because most people say even if they don’t smoke they would smoke with Snoop just to say they did it.


“But he was absolutely fine with me not smoking we just kept chatting away and then I watched him do more filming,” she explained.

And Shahira’s role on GGN could become more regular, as the Playboy model said the rapper invited her back again.

“When I was leaving snoop said we have to all hang out again and I’m welcome on his GGN set whenever I want,” she said.

shahira playboy 3

Playboy star: Shahira spends lots of time in the Playboy Mansion

“It was the best day ever. We just clicked and got on like a house on fire.

“They say don’t meet your idols because they’ll let you down but that’s not the case here – I think he’s even cooler than before if that’s possible.

“He’s a great person and definitely my favourite celeb I’ve met so far.”


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